About Electraphy

I started making toys for my own use in 2016 as I felt that the quality and price of the toys on the market was not up to my standards. Since then I have been prototyping and experimenting with different materials. Discovering the availability of different colours and properties of PVC and experimenting with the possible uses sparked me to start up Electraphy.

I like my creations to be unique and each one has a personality of its own. The uniqueness of every creation is highlighted by my desire for each tail on my floggers to be unique to all the others. Some of my creations are not for the faint hearted which has been precipitated by my experience as a switch. I like to have my toys used on me and for me to use on my subs that can push myself or my sub to their limits. However, all toys can be used in different ways catering for individual limits or desires. 

Another key objective is the use of up/recycled materials in many of my creations, I feel that this adds to their uniqueness but is of course better for the environment. This process generally takes longer as I have to strip the base material to work with but I do get a lot of enjoyment from turning a thrown out oak chair into something that will live on for many more years. This distinctive approach leads to some very unique one off designs.

Controversially, there is no goal to create stuff perfectly, tails on floggers are never cut based on measurements but rather done freely by eye, this on its own means it has its own personality or behaviour.

You will see creations on my website that you will never see anywhere else. Buying a instrument of these standards is a big commitment and I spend a lot of the designing process ensuring that the item will last a very long time. Every so often, on a new design I will test its strength by putting it through brutal testing (completely outside of its normal operating use).  

Electraphy also undertakes custom works with a very high success rate of happy customers, click here for more infomation.

I also stock items which are not related to Electraphy, as I have the goal to create a fully stocked BDSM/kink/adult store, these items listed are from manufacturers I have used myself and put faith in there equipment.