Product Care

With all my products, I use high quality materials and fastenings however they do require basic care and love once they leave my workshop.  I have created this page as basic guidelines, there are many resources available on the internet if you would like to expand your knowledge.

Do not use bleach on any product as this can cause discoloration or damage the material, PVC can withstand bleach but I advise against it.

Handles made from wood just require a wipe with a damp cloth containing a disinfectant solution is generally all that is needed, this is because on a majority I have used a clear coat finish on. For wooden handle that are a natural/oiled finish, there is a potential for staining so avoid getting any coloured liquids on it, these kind of handles will mature with age and get darker (storing all those wonderful times within the wood). 

Handles made from any other material such as resin or metal (including hanging hoops/hardware). A wipe down with a damp cloth with any disinfectant solution.

Items using PVC material, any disinfectant solution is perfect which does include strong cleaners. PVC is a great versatile material that is very easy to clean and because PVC is non porous (disinfectable), it is ideal for those who like extreme play and/or those who play with multiple people. 

For leather a simple wipe with a damp cloth and usage of a leather conditioner from time to time (6+ months). Leather is incredibly durable but over time can pick up stains, fade or crack. Using any chemical cleaners will cause damage in the long run. Leather will stretch to some degree over time, this is completely natural. 

Before storing any item, ensure they are completely dry, ideal storage is in a dark place (avoiding sunlight) with ventilation. I highly recommend storing floggers/dragon lashes etc in a hanging or flat manner as this avoids getting crinkles in the material, however not vital as these will quickly come out in play. 

Something I have seen on many occasions which almost hurts to watch and I will heavily advise against… Do not practise your new implements on hard surfaces, this is not even close to its intended use and all it will do is damage the tails, practise using a pillow or similar. Not everything is about the amount of noise a implement can make…

For items not created by myself, please refer to the original manufacturer for care instructions.

Following this basic guide and/or further expanding your knowledge through other resources will mean you will have a item that will last a very long time, I know myself that these items can become very sentimental and personal so after all you want this to last as long as possible.