Thin Black Leather Flogger – 031


This 18 tail flogger is constructed from a hardwood handle, which I have altered to form this. The wood has a unique stain and convenient metal hanging loop. The tails are 39cm long, made from a soft yet heavy black leather with thin widths. These tails are set into the handle using a robust locking method which is near impossible to break.

This flogger is best suited for anyone.

The handle length is 15cm.

I only use high quality materials/hardware and therefore this will last many years with correct care and usage.


WARNING: As with any of my impact implements, I am not responsible for any damage caused by yourself, it is your responsibility to know/understand correct usage and practise in a safe manner. This is especially vital on PVC implements as the sharp/harsh nature of the material can break the skin easily, I do not recommend purchasing a PVC implement if you are a beginner.

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