The Unfortunate Thirteen (Hybrid Flogger/Cat Of Nine)


This 13 tail flogger is constructed from upcycled wood, which I have altered to form this. The wood has a unique black stain, clear coat protective layer and convenient luxury swivel hanging loop. The PVC tails are 4mm thick which is double the thickness of my typical tails and have a average width of 5mm-7mm, they are 43cm long and transparent (which glows blue under UV light)

This flogger is best suited for intermediate to advanced users, PVC is much harsher than leather but has the potentially for multiple sensations with the added benefit of being super easy to clean. The handle length is 25cm.

I only use high quality materials/hardware and therefore this will last many years with correct care and usage.


WARNING: As with any of my impact implements, I am not responsible for any damage caused by yourself, it is your responsibility to know/understand correct usage and practise in a safe manner. This is especially vital on PVC implements as the sharp/harsh nature of the material can break the skin easily, I do not recommend purchasing a PVC implement if you are a beginner.

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